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Kid-friendly Green Smoothie

kid friendly green smoothie

Coconut Essence Kid-friendly Green Smoothie with Coconut Water is an easy recipe. Get the kids to help you make it. A great way to start the day or perfect as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. This delicious easy to drink smoothie is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If your kids are don’t like to eat green veggies at mealtimes. This smoothie is an easy and fun way to get some green veggies for your kids. Because it contains Coconut Essence Coconut Water that is naturally sweet it doesn’t taste like veggies at all.

Kid-friendly Green Smoothie with Coconut Water contains five naturally occurring electrolytes. Firstly these can help replenish those lost inactive kids. Secondly, pure green coconut water contains more calcium and magnesium than fruit juice. Young green coconut water contains antioxidants calledPlant Polyphenols. Antioxidants can help reduce oxidative stress and free radicals created by exercise. This smoothie with coconut wateris a great source of hydration this summer. Because we all know it can be easy to get dehydrated in the hot summer sun.

Kid-friendly Green Smoothie

Enjoy thisKid-friendly Green Smoothie with Coconut Water as part of a healthy balanced diet. Be sure to continue to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your kid’s diet. Nothing can replace Fruits and vegetables because they are also good sources of electrolytes. In summary, there are many health benefits of coconut water. So replacing that sugary soft drink with a smoothie or coconut water is a no-brainer. Coconut Essence Coconut Water has no added sugar or preservatives.

How to make a Kid-friendly Green Smoothie with Coconut Water

To make yourKid-friendly Green Smoothie you can use a fancy blender. Or you can use a simple stick blender in a jug. Both methods will work just as well. Simply check all the ingredients into your blender or jug and blend. Finally, serve in your kid’s favorite cup and we guarantee they will gobble it all up.

Please check out our other Green smoothie recipes.

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Mango and Coconut Recovery Smoothie

This wonderful recipe is great after a post-workout. Even if you are living in lockdown it’s important to get out and exercise at least once a day for an hour. 3 times more protein than quinoa, more dietary finer than oats, more antioxidants than berries, more potassium than bananas, more iron than kale.

Lupin flakes pack a seriously tasty powerful punch. As one of the Worlds richest sources of combined protein and fiber, this Aussie-grown little legume is gluten-free, low GI, and only 4% carbs. Plus they’re rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Gluten-free Lupin Legumes are exceptionally high in protein and finer which make them a great addition to your baked good, smoothies, breakfasts, or salads.

Mango and coconut recovery smoothie

2 small mango cheeks
150ml of coconut water
100g natural yoghurt
2 Tbsp Lupin Flakes (lightly toasted or un-toasted)
2 Tbsp rolled oats
1 Tbsp coconut flakes
1 Tbsp psyllium husk
Handful of ice

Blend all ingredients together and serve.

Recipe by @eliza_freney_sportdietitian  Advanced Sports Dietitian, IOC Dip Sport Nutrition
🏏. Cricket Australia Dietitian 👩‍🎓 MBA @deakinuniversity 🍉 Snack aficionado, health & wellbeing advocate.

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Toasted Lupin Buddha bowl – Mango Chilli and Lime

Toasted Lupin Buddha bowl

Toasted Lupin Buddha bowl with mango chilli and lime

Look after your body’s needs with this beautiful Buddha bowl made with Toasted Lupin and Lupin & beetroot dip that you can make and keep in the fridge. A completely balanced plant-based Buddha bowl is a great way to start your weekend. 

Lupin & Beetroot Dip

1 cup lupin flakes
2 cooked beetroots
2 small cloves garlic
2 Tbsp of Tahini paste
3 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1 Tsp lemon juice
1Tsp pink salt

Add Lupin Flakes to 3 cups of hot water and bring to boil. 
Boil for 3 minutes then strain. 
Place the cooked Lupin Flakes and all other ingredients in the food processor and blend until smooth. 
You may need to add up to ½ a cup of water to achieve a creamy consistency. The dip will thicken on standing, if you feel it is too thick, add extra water and stir through. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. 

Toasted Lupin Buddha bowl with mango chilli and lime

Toasting the Lupin Flakes

First, put the oven on to 150°C
Get a flat baking tray. Add 1 cup of lupin flakes evenly and toast in the oven.
Stirring every three minutes until golden. 

Now Toss together the following ingredients
1 Cup Toasted Lupin
2 mango cheeks chopped
1 chilli chopped
Handful of coriander chopped
Handful of spinach chopped
1 cucumber chopped
1/2 lime squeezed
Glug of oil of your choice
Salt and pepper to taste

Now you’re ready to build your Toasted Lupin Buddha bowl
Add Lupin and Beetroot dip to the bottom of your bowl, 
Add the toasted lupin flakes
Add your mango chill and lime mix
Top with half avocado chopped.

This recipe is a great choice for you and a friend share over a coconut water or two.

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Easy Coconut Water Acai Bowl

Super simple coconut water acai bowl is so easy to make it only takes 10 minutes. All you need to do is blend a packet of frozen acai puree, Coconut Essence Coconut Water, and a frozen banana. Top off with sliced strawberries, banana, kiwifruit, whole blueberries, and granola for a little crunch. 

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Tropical Green Protein Smoothie

Tropical Green Protein Smoothie

Tropical Green Post Workout Coconut Water Protein Muscle building Smoothie. Replace milk with coconut water for an ultra-hydrating and refreshing smoothie. Bananas and Coconut Water have naturally occurring electrolytes such as potassium that are lost during a workout.

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Coconut Water Smoothie – Beat the Bloat

Coconut Water Smoothie

Feeling Bloated or Sluggish? You can get back on track with our midweek Beat the Bloat Coconut Water Smoothie. Packed full of potassium that can help flush out sodium and water and beat the daily bloat. Enjoy this smoothie any time of the day to help ease bloating.

Why Coconut Water Smoothie Works

Firstly you have Greek Yogurt is packed with probiotics that are good bacteria for your gut. Good bacteria supports healthy digestion and calms inflammation. Ginger is one of the oldest herbal remedies in the book. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties work wonders on bloating and gas. Ginger contains a digestive enzyme called zingibain that helps to break down protein.

Secondly, you have Coconut Water and a Banana that is Potassium-rich. Potassium-rich foods help flush out sodium and water that cause bloating. Drinking bananas and coconut water smoothies regularly can help reduce bloating.

Feeling Bloated or Sluggish? Get back on track with our midweek Beat the Bloat Coconut Water Smoothie. That is packed full of potassium that can help flush out sodium and water and beat the daily bloat.

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Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is back in favour and the world of nutrition has at last embraced this tropical fruit with open arms. From weight loss benefits to protecting your immune system here are some fabulous reasons why coconut oil has become the king of the oils and also has some great uses.

Perfect for cooking

It is heat stable oil-  so its safe oil to cook with and doesn’t form harmful trans fatty acids when exposed to very high temperatures. The most beneficial grade of coconut is organic virgin oil so if you’re preparing recipes that require high temperatures you should consider coconut oil for this type of cooking.

Controls your weight

One 2009 study looked at the weight loss link between women’s consumption of coconut oil and found that it reduces abdominal obesity. Researchers discovered coconut oil is easy to digest and also protects the body from insulin resistance. To try coconut oil for weight loss start by adding one teaspoon to your diet and gradually work your way up to four teaspoons per day.

Eases digestion and bloating

If you suffer from poor digestion or tummy bloating try adding coconut oil to your diet. Coconut oil has been found to benefit digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and microbial related tummy bugs. Fatty acids in coconut oil contain anti microbial properties, which have a soothing affect on bacteria, candida, or parasites that cause poor digestion.

Boosts your metabolism

It also increases you metabolic rate as it is made up of medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs) that your body can process very quickly rather than storing them as fat. A study reported in the Journal of Nutrition found that participants who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil per day burned more kilojoules than those who consumed less. A speedy metabolism helps boost the body’s immune system and keep weight off.

Supports your immune system

Coconut oil is made up of healthy fats lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, which contain antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral prosperities to boost the immune system. Lauric acid contains the highest concentration of MCFAs fatty acids, approximately 75 per cent. The body turn this fat into monolaurin which is claimed to help heal viruses.

Stops those afternoon sugar cravings

Instead of reaching for the lolly or cookie jar for an afternoon sweet hit, try eating a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to beat sugar cravings. This is because good quality fat is more satiating than carbs, so if you cut down on sugar you will feel less ‘ravenous’ and craving sugar or sweets. Most of us do not realize but constant hunger is a major clue that your body is not being fed correctly.  With the proper amounts of fats and protein, you can fuel your energy reserves properly, and come off the sugar roller coaster that many of us are on.

Glowing skin

Coconut is not just for your cooking – it’s a wonderfully hydrating treat for skin too. It keeps the skin’s connective tissues strong, which prevents sagging and wrinkles. Apply coconut oil directly to your skin to soften the appearance of fine lines or use it daily on your face and body for a healthy glow. Be sure you use an organic extra virgin coconut oil with no additives like ours. If it hardens during colder weather simply rub between your hands to warm it up and soften before rubbing into your skin.

This stuff is so seriously good for you! You can consume between 1-4 tablespoons a day (as part of a snack – see our recipes here) or from the jar. You can freely use it in your cooking where you would normally use oil or a fat.

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What to Eat When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy Smoothie Bowl

All Day Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Sometimes it’s hard being pregnant when you don’t know what to eat during pregnancy. Trying to maintain a healthy diet every morning for 9 months can be tough going. You probably already know that you need to increase your calories each day, but how? Put the chocolate biscuits down and make sure you are getting good calories that are rich in the nutrients that your baby needs to grow. If you have been told that you at risk of gestational diabetes it is important to maintain a healthy diet that is low in sugar. Make a healthy choice for you and your baby to try our Coconut Essence Smoothie Bowl in the morning. This smoothie bowl is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help boost your immune system.

But What to Eat When You Are Pregnant

Try and eat as much fruit and vegetables and healthy proteins and good fats like coconut oil as possible. Start with our all-day breakfast smoothie.

Free Shipping Australia wide…

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Maqui Berry Purple Power Smoothie

Maqui berry smoothie

This delicious smoothie gets it wonderful purple superfood color from Maqui berry which is one of the World’s most powerful antioxidants from the Patagonia region of Southern Chile, one of the cleanest places on this planet. Maqui is 4 times stronger than Acai and Goji berry and has many health benefits including:

  • Protecting cells from oxidative stress
  • Fight free radicals
  • Anti-aging
  • Weight loss (we love this one!)
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Good source of Vitamin C and Potassium.
  • It contains the highest ORAC value of any Superfood.
  • It also contains high levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins

For this smoothie place all ingredients into a high powered blender like a Vitamix and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy a kick start to your day!

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Raw Chocolate made with Organic Coconut Oil

Raw Chocolates! All you need is equal parts melted extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil {make sure it’s the high integrity as it has far more health benefits that are preserved in extraction process} and equal parts cacao powder & melted cacao butter (we have given specific quantities above as guide but make as much or as little as you like). Add sweetener to taste as well as the Cocotella and whisk together then add a tiny pinch of sea salt.

You can also add lots of ingredients for variations if you wish: almond and orange rind, any kind of nuts, cacao nibs if you like crunch, essential oils like peppermint or mint – so many options and is great to make with the kids too! Store in freezer and enjoy when you need a clean and yummy chocolate hit.

This decadent Panna Cotta recipe is not only low in fat but is perfect for vegans as it is made with our very own banana flavoured Coconut Milk.


Mix gelatine with a small amount of milk until dissolved. Pour mixture into a saucepan with remainder of the milk.

Stir until simmering. Pour into greased moulds and allow to set then top with @pipsrealfood Cocoa and Hazelnut Crunch, your choice of fruit and nuts and a drizzle of Carob syrup. 

Recipe and photo via @aktivliving. 

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Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins with Strawberries

Healthy Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins with strawberries have no Refined Sugar. They are completely Gluten-free, and Dairy Free Muffins. Can these little guys get any healthier? They are the perfect on the go breakfast, that is both nourishing and delicious!!

About Shelley Judge

Shelly is a passionate foodie, amateur photographer and nutrition nut! She studied a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition and a Masters in Public Health Nutrition. As a Food Revolution Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. In her own words…

My love for food sprouted from the day I began cooking alongside my mother at the ripe age of 3. Now I want to use my knowledge in nutrition to share the message of health and educate others about the importance of a healthy relationship with food – yes that means I eat cake.

I love working with kids and believe that is the starting point for living a healthy lifestyle. Through this love, I founded Healthy School Lunches, a program to inspire both Schools and Parents to educate their children on the benefits of healthy eating, and teach them the basics of cooking!

A Statement from Shelley Judge

This recipe was created by the lovely shelleys good eats website. Follow her on instagram for more food inspiration @shelleysgoodeats 

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Green Smoothies made with Kale & Coconut Water

Kale the Antioxidant

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable which means its a veggie that is rich in vitamins and minerals such as folate and vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Kale also contain phytonutrients that are plant-based compounds


The almighty kale is a wonderful green for salads. Remove the tough stem, slice into thin ribbons and toss with toppings, dressing and all. Best of all, this hearty green will not wilt for days, making it a great option for packing ahead. To balance the bitter bite, pair it with something sweet such as roasted carrots, diced apple or dried fruit. Kale also is a great addition to smoothies and can even be baked into crisp chips.

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Coconut Water Green Juice – Easy Blender Recipe

green juice recipes

Coconut Water Green Juice – Start Today

Fill your blender with raw seasonal green fruit and vegetables. Get some ideas from our easy Coconut Water Green Juice recipes below. There is no right or wrong way to make a green juice in a blender. All you need is a good quality blender and your favorite greens plus coconut essence coconut water. You can remove anything you don’t like and use another item in its place. Top your blender up with ice too if you prefer your juice to be colder and thicker and blend away to a healthier you.

Green Juice Benefits

Easy on the digestion, Green Juice is a great way of getting the nutrients of vital greens into your diet. Add Coconut Essence Coconut Water to the blender along with your favorite green fruit and vegetables. Green Juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. Plus it is also rich in Antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress occurs as a result of normal metabolic processes in the body creating free radicals. Damage caused by free radicals can cause certain types of cancer in the body. Free radicals can also lead to certain diseases of vital organs such as your heart and liver disease. Put simply Antioxidants present in coconut water inhibit oxidation if you include it in your diet.

Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut Essence Coconut Water is straight up coconut juice from young green coconuts. Naturally sweet as mother nature intended with no added sugar or preservatives. Coconut Water contains naturally occurring antioxidants called Plant Polyphenols. Enjoying a Coconut Water Green Juice will also add 5 key electrolytes into your diet. Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus are the 5 Electrolytes found naturally in coconut water. Electrolytes are minerals that help keep your body fluids balanced and regulate muscle function. Coconut Water Green Juice can help your body to recover after exercise and prevent muscle cramps. Coconut water also contains essential amino acids which are essential for repairing tissues and keeping your heart healthy.


Free Shipping Australia Wide… Yessss!

Coconut Essence wants to share the sweet sweet taste of Australia’s favorite Pure Coconut Water with the whole of Australia. That is why we have Free Shipping Australia Wide!! Yes, that’s right! Save yourself the shipping costs when you buy in bulk from Coconut Essence Online.

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Minty Green Goddess Smoothie

minty green goddess smoothie

Our fav green smoothie that will nourish your inner goddess ( this is on high rotation with us) goes a little something like this…Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender or Vitamix. Serve in your choice of glassware or pour into wide lip jar or drink bottle for nutrition on the go. Enjoy!

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Stay Strong Mummy – 15 Min Total Body Workout

15 minute total body work out

Try this amazing life hack for busy Mums from Stay Strong Mummy. HIIT training session for a total of 15 minutes. Spending hours in a gym just isn’t an option for us sometimes. A total body workout in just 15 minutes? Is it really possible? That’s why we love HIIT workouts that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home. HIIT workouts are achievable because they target the whole body for improved fitness, strength, and coordination, fat loss and muscle tone. Most importantly they are a fantastic stress release!

Stay Strong Mummy 15 Minute Total Body Workout

  • 15 – Mountain Climbers
  • 5 Push Ups
  • 15 Jump Lunges
  • 5 push ups
  • 15 jump squats
  • 5 push ups

Repeat as many rounds as possible without stopping for 15 minutes follow up with Coconut Water Protein Smoothie – Strawberry & Mint. Made with stay strong mummy protein powder.

See many many more…

How do you like to keep active? Tag JT’s Coconut Essence in your photos on Instagram and show us how you #getactivewithJTs

For more training tips and workout ideas, check out the Stay Stong Mummy Instagram Page or visit the website

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Coconut Water Protein Smoothie – Strawberry & Mint

Drink Coconut Essence Pure Coconut Water any time of the day Morning, Noon and Night. We recommend that you enjoy this refreshing and delicious smoothie after our stay strong mummy 15-minute body workout. Coconut Essence Coconut Water Protein Smoothie only takes 5 minutes to make. Simply throw it all in the blender and enjoy all the health benefits of coconut water.

Coconut Water Protein Smoothie with strawberries yogurt and mint that is refreshing and delicious! Strawberries are high in Vitamin C which helps to boost immunity and mint is great for digestion.

Coconut Water Protein Smoothie Shopping List

coconut water naturally sweet no added sugar

JTs 1L Tetra Pack Coconut Water

Delivered to your door for free perfect for the fridge Coconut Essence Pure Coconut Water is Naturally Sweet and has No added sugar and No Preservatives. Harvested from fresh young green coconuts to bring you the sweet sweet taste of the tropics the way nature intended. Packaged on the same day our coconut water is pure natural healthy coconut water straight from the coconut.

• Strawberries
• Mint
• Greek yogurt
• A good protein powder. We love The stay strong mummy protein superfood blend 100 % natural ingredients

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This smoothie is perfect after a workout Try the Stay Strong Mummy 15 Min Total Body Workout.

This Coconut Water Protein recipe was provided courtesy of Kimberley Welman from Stay Strong Mummy they recommend JTs Coconut Essence.

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What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Water

health benefits of coconut water

Some science-based health benefits of coconut water

Coconut Water pure natural and healthy straight from the fresh young green coconut and packaged on the same day is naturally sweet. It tastes great and contains several important nutrients and minerals that are usually lacking in most people’s diets. Put simply coconut water is good for you it may benefit your heart, blood sugar, kidney health, and more.

Coconut Essence Coconut Water is Naturally Sweet with No added Sugar

Coconuts grow on large palm trees and are considered a fruit. Coconut Water is actually the coconut juice that you find when you break open a young green coconut. Coconut Essence does not add sugar or preservatives to our pure coconut water. Suitable for a plant-based diet coconut water contains no fat, no cholesterol. Not to be confused with coconut milk which is made from grated coconut flesh that is high in fat.

health benefits of coconut water

Coconut water has antioxidant properties

Fight oxidative stress in your body which takes place when Free Radicals reach a critical point. When your body has too many toxins it can damage the cells in your body and increase the risk of disease. Coconut water studies have shown that coconut water can help eliminate free radicals preventing them from causing damage in your body.

Studies have shown Coconut Water has Benefits Against Diabetes

Some controlled studies have found that coconut water can actually lower blood sugar in animals. As coconut water is a good source of magnesium it may increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. If you have been told by the doctor that you need to lose weight and you are pre-diabetes then coconut water in moderation may fit into your diet and help you.

Have you ever had kidney stones? Drink Coconut Water

To prevent kidney stones you should drink lots of fluid, you should drink lots of plain water. Some research has found that coconut water can reduce kidney stones.

Including in your diet can Help support a healthy heart

Including coconut water as part of a healthy balanced diet can help keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of heart disease. Coconut water has been proven to reduce cholesterol in your blood.

Coconut Water is high in Potassium which can lower blood pressure

Potassium is used to regulate important body functions like blood pressure, heart rhythms, digestion and nerve impulses. Because there is more potassium than sodium in coconut water, the potassium may help balance out sodium’s effect on blood Pressure and possibly even help lower your blood pressure.

Natures Healthy Sports Drink

Coconut water contains 5 natural electrolytes – Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus. Electrolytes are minerals that help keep your body fluids balanced and regulate muscle function. Coconut water has more than 10 times the amount of potassium of most sports drinks about the same as a banana. Chill shake and enjoy after a workout, surf or run and replenish your body with a drink straight from Mother Nature. Potassium in coconut water can help you avoid muscle cramps after exercise by replacing lost electrolytes.

Try Health Benefits of Coconut Water in Smoothies & Juices

Coconut Essence has put together some great recipes containing coconut water for you check them out.

If you want to learn more don’t just take our word for it.

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5 Tips To Drink More Water Every Day

One Pure is natural alkaline mineral water with antioxidants and minerals. Bottled directly at the source in New Zealand. One Pure does not require any filtration or chemical treatment like reverse osmosis to create the water’s purity like other brands. Here are our top tips to Drink more water every day.

Did you know that our bodies are composed of roughly 60% water? Making sure we keep well hydrated has a huge impact on our overall health. To function properly, all of the cells and organs in our body need water. It is needed to keep our joints lubricated, protects our spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, regulates body temperature, and assists with digestion. Hydration also has a major effect on our energy levels and brain function. If you think you need to be drinking more water daily, here are some tips to increase your fluid intake:

  1. Sip a glass of water with every meal and snack

    Sip a glass of water before your breakfast after a long sleep this will help you hydrate. Then throughout the day during every meal and every snack. If you are eating out at a restaurant then be sure to order a pitcher of water for the table. Staying in for dinner? Try a 1L chilled bottle of One Pure Alkaline Water on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

  2. Eat more fruit and veggies.

    Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables that you have in your diet. You get 20% of fluid from food that you eat during the day. Eat plenty of salad, with lettuce, cucumber, celery, radishes, zucchini have high water content.

    Try Coconut Essence Lunchtime Salad Bowl with a Pure Coconut Water the perfect way to hydrate.

  3. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times.

    Carrying water with you in your bag is a great way to stay hydrated. Did you know that our One Pure Alkaline Water is packaged in BPA free PET Bottles!

  4. Choose Water over Soft Drinks and Juice to Hydrate

    If you’re trying to loose weight water is the best option for you. If you have been exercising heavily then instead of traditional sports drink ladened with sugar. Reach for Coconut Essence Pure Coconut Water Instead. Our Naturally Sweet Pure Coconut Water is straight up coconut water from fresh young green coconuts with no added sugar.

  5. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times.

    Carrying water with you in your bag is a great way to stay hydrated. Did you know that our One Pure Alkaline Water is packaged in BPA free PET Bottles! Shipped free to your door Australia Wide.

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Green Power Smoothie with Coconut Water

Green Power SmoothiePacked with protein and all of your daily essentials for a great kick start to the day!

Try our Green Power Smoothie. We love partnering with local, Australian owned companies like Byron Bay Muesli which was established in 2001. Byron Bay muesli uses only the finest Australian organic oats, organic & biodynamic fruit and local Australian macadamia nuts. It is also free of preservatives and added sugar as it is sweetened with natural Macadamia Honey direct from the local beehives.