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At JT’s, we promote Healthy products and Lifestyle. Fuel your active lifestyle with JT’s premium range – energizing beverages, Coconut oils, and pure natural spring water – your ultimate companions for healthy living on-the-go.

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100% Pure Coconut Water

100% Pure Natural

Sourced from the Thailand’s Green Young Coconuts. No preservatives, No Added-Sugar, Only Pure Coconut Water.

Why Coconut Water?

Hydrating electrolyte drink
Replenishes fluids and minerals
Low in calories and sugars
Rich in antioxidants
May lower blood pressure
Aids digestion and metabolism
Rapid nutrient absorption
Potential anti-aging properties
Fat-free and nutrient-dense
Natural, refreshing Taste.

5 Star Health Rating

Specialities of JT's

JT’s Coconut water Specialities are:

  • 100% Real Coconut Water
  • No Added-Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Concentrate
  • 0% Bad Fats
  • 5 Star Health Rating

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Keep your Family healthy with our 100% Premium and Pure Sunflower Oil. Made from 100% pure Ukrainian Sunflower Seeds.

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