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Some of our favourite Sponsorship Applications

Coconut Essence loves supporting community sporting events around Australia.

Teens Throwdown Mid Mountains CrossFit

Sponsorship Encouraging the younger generation in NSW

One of our favorite type of Sponsorship Applications came from Mid Mountains CrossFit who hosted a teens competition at the CrossFit Gym. The event Teens Throwdown was all about encouraging the younger generation. Teen CrossFit athletes from the local area attended. The event was a huge success and promoted some amazing camaraderie and amongst the teens. The teens not only gave it everything they had but also encouraged and supported their fellow athletes.

The CrossFit Competition Sponsored by Coconut Essence

The competition consisted of two workouts plus a strength test, designed specifically for their age and level. CrossFit is the ultimate test of all-around fitness. Combining weightlifting with gymnastics and cardio. The workouts were challenging yet achievable. Included a variety of movements including running, kettlebell swings, box jumps. Pull-ups, sit-ups, rowing, and some barbell movements. Coconut Essence Sponsorship helped these teenagers stay hydrated.

Ultraman Australia Sponsorship

Ultraman is an incredible event which sees 45 athletes selected from around the world compete. They endure a 10 km swim, a 420 km bike ride, and a double marathon over 3 days. Coconut Essence was so excited to receive this Sponsorship application to Sponsor Ultraman Australia. To make sure all of the endurance athletes kept well hydrated with our Pure Coconut Water and Alkaline Water One Pure Sport. Coconut Water contains 5 natural electrolytes and is better for you than a sports drink as it contains no added sugar or preservatives.

Coconut Essence Sponsorship
Coconut Essence Sponsorship Application
Ultraman Australia

Better for you than a Sports Drink…