Super Lupin Protein Cookie Mix with Almond and Cacao


Super Lupin Protein Cookie Mix with Almond & Cacao is the perfect ‘go-to’ to put in the kid’s lunchboxes for school. We’ve swapped some of the flour with Lupin Flakes to lower the carbohydrate count, which you can also try doing in other baked treats. Minimum Order 6 x 370g bags $57.30.

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Protein Cookie Mix is packed with protein and has the lowest carbohydrate content of any other legume. The Lupin in the Cookie mix is from the same family as chickpeas and lentils, and this Aussie-grown little legume packs one tasty powerful punch.

As one of the world’s richest natural source of combined protein and dietary fiber, Lupin Flakes are gluten-free and low in carbohydrates.

Lupin Flakes, Brown Sugar, S.R. Gluten-Free Flour, Cocoa Powder, Almond Flakes, Almond Meal, Cacao, Baking Powder, Bicarb Soda. Allergen Advice: Contains Lupins and tree nuts. May contain traces of peanuts and soy.

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