Strictly Sparkling Alkaline Water


Bulk Buy Free Shipping Australia Wide*. ONEPURE Sparkling Water 750mL x 12 Glass Bottles per carton – Price per Carton. ONEPURE Sparkling Water 300mL x 12 Glass Bottles per carton – Price per Carton. Min Order 4 Cartons of each. Good for the Planet Good for Us and Good for the Christmas Table. Let us do the hard work and deliver free to your door.



Strictly Sparkling Alkaline Water is from the pristine forest ranges of New Zealand. This makes it the cleanest natural, untreated, alkaline PH8 mineral water in the Southern hemisphere. Coconut Essence is excited to bring to Australia a refreshingly pure experience. In addition, ONEPURE Sparkling Water is Certified Organic and is Naturally Alkaline and Mineral Rich. Because it is bottled directly from the source, it has never touched the air. Packaged in Glass Bottles this water requires no filtration or chemical treatment. No reverse osmosis to create the purity of the water like other brands.

Firstly there is no life without water as it is the major part of the human body averaging 70% of its mass. ONEPURE water is alkaline which helps to rebalance our often acidic modern diets and reduce acid reflux. Secondly, drinking alkaline water can support sufficient oxygen transportation in the blood. A little change in pH can make a big difference. It can help to reduce fatigue, protect bones, support the immune system in the body. Therefore supporting a healthy mind and body.

This Entertaining Pack includes:
4 Cartons of ONEPURE Sparkling Water 750mL
4 Cartons of ONEPURE Sparkling Water 300mL

*Shipping Cost may apply to remote parts of Australia depending on our shipping service.

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