Chocolate Coconut Snacks

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  • Super Lupin Protein Cookie

    Super Lupin Protein Cookie Mix Almond & Cacao

    Super Lupin Protein Cookie Mix with Almond and Cacao is perfect for kids and adults lunchboxes. Swapping flour with Lupin Flakes lowers the carbohydrate. This Cookie Mix has Lupin Legume in the Cookie mix. Lupins are from the same family as chickpeas and lentils, and this Aussie-grown little legume packs one tasty powerful punch. Minimum Order 6 x 370g bags $57.30.
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  • TLC Lupin Flakes 5kg

    TLC Lupin Flakes 5kg Protein Rich

    TLC Lupin Flakes 5kg. Made from the Aussie-grown little legume is gluten-free. Lupin protein Flakes are super versatile and can be used in a wide range of food products from cereals, crumbing, baking, salads, snacks, pasta, and dip. Minimum order 3 x 5kg bags per carton $105. Lupin Protein Flakes can be stored for 24 months in a cool dark place in your pantry.
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  • super lupin protein bars

    Super Lupin Snack Bars with Cranberry and Coconut

    Super Lupin Snack Bars with Cranberry and Coconut. Make your own super delicious plant-based treats. This little pack includes all the dry ingredients needed to make 8 super lupin protein bars. Perfect for lunch boxes and as an on the go snacks. Minimum Order 6 x 220g bags $40.80.
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