Coconut Essence Pure Natural

Pure Natural Healthy Coconut Products

Australian Owned Company

Coconut Essence is an Australian owned company who have traveled far and wide to many tropical locations sampling different types of coconuts. Having searched high and low mainly high for the perfect taste, flavor, and the highest quality coconuts. We are proud to bring you the best Naturally Sweet Pure Coconut Water that is irresistible made from the fresh young green coconut. Not forgetting our Extra Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that has over 100 uses. Plus a range of delicious Good for you Coconut Snacks.

Coconut Essence Pure Coconut Water is Naturally Sweet

Pure Coconut Water harvested from fresh young green coconuts is naturally sweet and contains no added sugar or preservatives. Snap Pasteurised on the same day in BPA free containers to maintain freshness. Coconut Water contains 5 key electrolytes including Potassium which is one of the most important minerals in the body. Learn more about why coconut water is good for you. 

Coconut Essence Extra Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is made from certified organic brown coconuts. Cold Pressed and centrifuged from fresh coconut milk means our oil is hexane free. Packaged into glass jars on the same day to prevent oxidation. Coconut Essence Coconut Oil is of exceptional quality high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and lauric acid. Non-Hydrogenated and contains no transfats. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. Discover our Coconut Essence Essential Coconut Oil Beauty Tips.

Coconut Essence Healthy Coconut Snacks

Coconut Bites

Coconut Bite is a yummy healthy coconut snack that is great for active adults and kids as part of a healthy balanced diet these coconut bites can be the perfect treat. High in antioxidants, minerals, caprylic acid and lauric acid.

Coconut chips

Coconut Essence Coconut Chips are baked not fried they are high in antioxidants, minerals, caprylic acid and beneficial lauric acid. Coconut chips can help beat snack cravings. Mix and match from our yummy flavours.

  • 100% Natural
  • Dairy Free
  • Low GI
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Preservatives
  • Vegan (Original, Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Coffee flavours only) 
  • Gluten Free